Monday, November 22, 2010

Trip Goals

Overall Goals

  • Unveil the African University Master Plan.
  • Unveil the African University Site Plan.
  • Discuss opportunities for engaging and mobilizing community members to promote the realizations of African University.
  • Release outcomes of the Tali Area Community Development Study.
  • Walk away with marketing images and relationships for fundraising.

Design Team Goals

  • Confirm the site location with GPS coordinates.
  • Establish the location of the 1 sq. mi. University footprint in the 6.5 sq. mi. area.
  • Understand construction methods and materials.
  • Understand education and living space standards.
  • Establish a design aesthetic for the campus buildings.
  • Understand how this campus’ infrastructure can be self-sustaining.
  • Stake outlines of the proposed footprints of Phase 1 buildings (the Faculty Housing Facility, Student Housing Facility, and Academic/ Community Building).

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