Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6 - Travel back to Buea

Good news! The suspension on one of our cars has been fixed. Bad news, our spare tire has been used, and we now have a flat as a spare. I hope we don't get another flat tire.

Today, our quest was simply to journey from Tali to Buea. In the end, we prevailed, although several exciting moments consumed portions of the day. The major exciting moment was when we approached a quagmire in the road. A video is posted on the previous post. Our talented drivers got us through the mud hole and back to making progress.

By 7 pm, we had arrived in Buea at the Chariot Hotel. The hotel was paradise for us since we had spent several days in the bush. Each of us also had our 'private' space back. Many of us had been sharing living quarters while in Tali.

We are looking forward to our final days in Cameroon.

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