Tuesday, December 7, 2010

African Trip- By the Numbers

Total Travel Time - Indpls to Buea = 28 Hours
Total Miles Traveled = 11,500 Miles
Number of Loose Chickens in Airport = 1 (that we saw anyway)
Number of Bags that Arrived with Us = 6 out of 14
Dolly Parton/Kenny Roger Songs on the Radio = Too Many
Fantas Consumed by Group = 7
Cow Tail Eaten = 2
Cow Tails Regretted = 1
Phones Working with International Plan = 1.5
Universities Toured (University of Buea) = 1
Hours Anticipated to Reach Rain Forest Today = 8 or more
Number of People per Car = 5 or more
Exchange Rate = 430 CFA's per $1, (official location)
470 CFA's per $1, (guy in airport)
Average Hours Slept per Night = 3.5 or less
Average Temperature so Far = 85F (but now we head to the hot spot)
Number of Trips to the Airport = 3
Number of Snakes per Square Mile = Virtually Unlimited (Wayne has snake proof socks)
Anticipated Days until Another Internet Connection = +/- 4


  1. Great post Corrie! Keep them coming as often as you can! Seriously that many snakes? :) Stay safe!

  2. Sounds like interesting meals! I hope you have granola bars along. Time to get some rest.

  3. You need some rest and a decent meal! Stay away from the cow tail!

  4. Say hello to David Russell. He can also sing but probably didn't tell you that. Elvis is his favorite!

  5. That's great. I think I'd take 85F over 7F. Cant wait to hear about the ride/hike.

    Be safe,

  6. Have a great time! I am jealous of the temperature--NOT of your meals!