Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photos from Day 1

University of Buea

On our first full day in Cameroon, we were forced to rearrange some activities since our luggage being a day late forced us to stay in the vicinity of the airport. Our hosts were very accommodating, and we managed to still have a full day of progress despite the delay.

In the morning, we made a site visit to the University of Buea, a very urban campus with a large number of students commuting (mostly by foot).

Del Monte Banana Plantation

Along the drive to and from the airport in Douala (about 1-1/2 hours each way) and to Limbe in the evening, we were first introduced to Cameroon's rich agriculture. Basically, if you are a plant this is the place to be. Coco, Coffee (arabica and robusto), Bananas, Plantains, Mango, Pineapple, Yams, Coconut, Rubber Trees - all these plus more are grown here and sold as exports. Most of the Banana Plantations we saw were owned by Del Monte. A former Governor of one of Cameroon's regions has joined us on our travels, and is teaching us many things about the country. For instance, Cameroon's Department of Agriculture has found a way to grow these crops so that they produce more fruit and are shorter so that they are easier to harvest. Very fascinating.

William presenting to the Rotary Club of Limbe
The Rotary Club of Limbe was gracious to host us a week early and let us present to their group on short notice due to the luggage mishap. It was a great meeting, and we were even able to switch to our Plan B fairly seamlessly when the converter we brought with us turned out to be the wrong one and our technology went down. The  group was clearly interested in the idea of a new university in the country, and asked great questions of our presenters. At the end of the meeting, flags of both clubs were exchanged.

Wayne and Corrie Presenting to Limbe Rotary

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