Sunday, December 12, 2010

Photos Day 2

Where's the car?
 At the start of our second full day in Cameroon, we were all very excited to be heading into "The Bush" to get started at the African University site. As our luck would have it, a new tire was required on one of our vehicles, and supplies for our stay had to be acquired. Our early morning departure became an afternoon departure instead.

University de Chang
Along the way to Tali (location of African U.), we stopped in Dschang and quickly toured the University de Chang (pronounced Chan). This was in a more agrarian setting than the University of Buea and was split almost in two - one campus on the top of the hill and one campus in the valley below. We ate in Dschang and got back on the "road".

Palm Plantation
We all knew that this was going to be a brutal travel day and that we would be in the car for 10 hours, but we had no idea of what was to come. The first few hours after Dschang were on red dirt roads. The dust from the car in front made visibility for the trailing car very difficult. Especially at night. The last stretch (last 3 hours) was spent on very treacherous roads that our drivers needed everything out of the 4x4's to navigate. 


We arrived in Tali around midnight and were greeted by the local Reverend. Both the men and women were shown to their accommodations, and we all got to experience "off the grid" for the first time.
University de Chang

Harvesting Rubber

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