Saturday, December 11, 2010

Building on the numbers ...

It took us 10 hours to get to the bush.
7 people now in the car.
2 dead chickens on the roof.
1 gorilla heard in the bush making calls and thumping his chest.
2 full days in the bush.
2 buildings staked.
Miles walked - who knows.
1 stream driven through + 1 mud pit.
Number of palaces available for the women to sleep in - 1
Number of beds the women (3 of us) slept in - 1
Number of homes being renovated available for the men to sleep in - 1
1 cultural event, possibly 1 additional dead chicken after that
1 bucket available to bathe in for 1 man
1 shower available for the women
Snails eaten - 4
1 women's forum - 100+ women in attendance from 20+ villages.
1 5' snake along the road. Dead, for sale.
Celebration drinks to be consumed - TBD
Amazing, generous people - countless

3 days left in Africa, lots of work still to do. Having a great time and making progress for African University!

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